Üstel meets Tour Operators in the UK

Ünal Üstel, Minister of Tourism and Environment, visited London and conducted a comprehensive meeting with tour operators in the UK to strengthen national tourism.

At the meeting, where the problems of the country’s tourism were discussed, the opinions of the tour operators were also discussed. In particular, tourism professionals, who mentioned the difficulties in transportation, emphasized that in the past years, promotion and marketing have been neglected. Tour operators also noted the need to establish a new airline.

In his speech at the meeting, Unal Üstel said that they are aware of the high flight costs and that they have made some initiatives in Ankara to reduce these.

Explaining that there are tourists coming to the country and using Larnaca Airport, Üstel said that the tourists coming to our country via Larnaca were exposed to the propaganda of the Greeks.

With regard to the possible establishment of an airline with public-private partnership and businessmen in England, Ustel said this should be a part of this formation and everyone should offer as much cooperation as possible.

Focus is being made on digital media and social media advertisements especially in the UK market this year, and Üstel emphasized that the Ministry’s website has been renewed, and most importantly, the 50 most widely read newspapers in the UK have advertised on their websites. Stating that these advertisements will continue until April 2020 he said that the country will see the benefit of it in 2020.

The tourism sector will be able to relax in 2020 with the steps taken in the field of transportation, publicity and advertising, and Üstel said that they will introduce 6 areas of Northern Cyprus separately this year.

Ustel said that it is important for tourists to be able to come to the island in the shortest possible journey time and efforts are being made for travellers to not have to change aircraft as is the case at the moment.

After meeting with the tour operators, the Turkish Cypriot business people gave a reception for Ustel, who said the country’s economy has a great contribution from the tourism sector and everyone should show sensitivity.