Özersay: “The statement of ENI is a positive development”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay stated that the effects of the policies we have put forward recently in the Eastern Mediterranean region with Turkey are now obvious.

Özersay evaluated the statement of Claudio Descalzi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Italian energy company ENI, “I will not make any drilling if I see a warship in Cyprus offshore.”

Özersay said: “The statement of Italian ENI Company i.e. ‘they do not want and will not carry out drilling activities in the area of Turkey’s continental shelf if it will cause tension’ is a positive development”.

Özersay said on his social media:

“The company has realised that Turkey is serious about this issue and we also as the Turkish Cypriot side are ready for a compromise if these works are to be carried out before a solution. I hope all stakeholders, including international companies, will begin to give the Greek Cypriot leadership the right messages on natural gas. A decisive stance with deterrence in foreign policy can help to achieve results.”

In his statement, Descalzi said that they would not carry out drilling in the event of warships being sent to Cyprus offshore.

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  1. At last someone prepared to put common sense before profit.
    I hope all other Companies follows this Sensible Person, and bring the Southern peoples greedy expectations to a Holt.
    We can share this Island with them, with a border between us.
    We may even learn to become Tolerant of them but our Ideology can’t ever become the same.
    They are Culture of Superior Being is driven in to them by the Greek Orthodox Church who shall not give up their hold on the community.
    They already destroyed the Rum Culture by changing them to a Hellenic one.
    I remember the Greeks calling the Cypriot supporters Ottoman Slavs, when they went to watch a Cypriot football team in Greece, so they are not lowed But only used by the desire to surround the Turkish Mainland by sea.
    This was fuelled by the Gift of the generosity of the British and the French the whole of the Aegean Islands.
    Getting driven out of Anadolu by the Turkish army of Independence, this gave them the opportunity to have one up on Turkey.
    We can not expect sympathy from outsiders, but tolerance, if we maintain our Diligence Dignity and our Strength In Unity.
    The future is Bright iff we don’t swerve from this Path and do not Concede any Territories or Rights to an Unsuitable Hungry lot who shall only Interpreted as our shortage of abilities to Hold That We Have.