December 4, 2023

In the TRNC, the tender for new driving licences that meet international standards and have international validity will soon be underway.

With the announcement to be issued by the Central Tender Commission, the transition to a long-lasting and high-quality driver’s licence will begin.

With the conclusion of the tender process, applications for new driving licences will be accepted. Accordingly, at the beginning of the licence change process if there is at least two-years valid driver’s licence it will be free, if there is less than two-years valid driver’s licence it will be necessary to pay the specified fee to replace the driver’s licence with the new driver’s licence.

Applications for driving licence renewal will also be accepted over the internet. For first time driving licence applications, it will be necessary for applications to be made in person and their signatures will be taken with an electronic signature pad at the application point. The new driver’s licence will be delivered to the address given by a  private courier in 3 working days upon request.

The words “DRIVING LICENCE” printed in capital letters on the front of the driver’s licence; and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and its emblem; Cyprus Map and “TRNC” letters; MLI • Multi-laser symbol and Chip with the surname, name, date and place of birth of the holder, date of issue of the driver’s licence, expiration date of the driver’s licence, ID card number, date of first driving licence, driving licence number, photo, permanent residence address, signature and vehicle class information.

On the back of the driver’s licence, the vehicle class that the holder is authorised to use, the first driver’s licence date of each class, the expiry date of each class, the classification codes corresponding to each affected class, the licence group’s blood group, QR code and bar code will be found. 

Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amendment) Regulations will come into force on 1st January 2020 and the vehicle classifications will be shown on the back surface of the driving licence.

 Source: Ministry Of Public Works And Transportation

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