Hadiza Zakari celebrated her birthday at Caesar Resort

By Chris Elliott ….

Last year we had an interesting report from Ahmet Abdulaziz about a well-known model and businesswoman, Hadiza Zakari, who celebrated her birthday with a party at the Skybar at Lord’s Palace Hotel, Girne.

Hadiza Zakari celebrating her birthday at Lord’s Palace Hotel

We are pleased to be able to report that this year Hadiza Zakari celebrated another wonderful birthday on Thursday 26th September with a party at Caesar Resort, Caleo Restaurant in Famagusta..

The birthday party was attended by about a hundred guests, comprising of her friends, admirers and members of the local business community.and the night’s celebration started with piano and live music, fireworks and then the music continued with DJ Milad. and Caesar Resort, Caleo restaurant Executive chef, Shallev Perez prepared the most delicious finger foods for the night which everyone enjoyed.

Wanting to know more of this beautiful lady we asked her a number of questions which she kindly replied to.

Hadiza Zakari celebrating her birthday at Caesar Resort, Caleo restaurant, Famagusta.

Q. What is your nationality and where were you born.

A. I am mixed Nigerian/ Iranian. I was born in Istanbul, Turkey  

Q. Please tell us a little about your mother and father

A. My parents are wonderful people from different backgrounds. My mom is Persian and my dad is Nigerian. I have a great relationship with my parents I am so grateful for having them, they are my greatest support system. 

Q. When did you come to live in Northern Cyprus.

A. I came to North Cyprus 10 years ago. I finished both bachelors and masters degree and after that, I have not been able to let go of the peaceful island life so I decided to start my business here and do some investments

Q. When and how did you become a model.

A. I started modelling 13 years ago in Iran when I was a teenager and then when I came to Cyprus I continued here. I also competed many times in beauty pageant contests such as Miss Fashion TV, Miss Civilization,… but my main focus is my business right now. 

Q. Your Facebook page tells us a little of your business activities as Co-Director/Founder of Luxify Global Ltd· Abuja, Nigeria and Co-Founder/Owner of Luxifyevents so would you like to tell us more of what you are now doing 

A. In 2016 i started an event production and model management company with my friend and we have been doing our signature annual events ever since and also some luxury birthday parties, openings, concerts,…

Q.So what plans do you have for 2020.

A. I would rather not talk about my plans in advance but I can just say that I am planning not to let a day waste in 2020. I am looking forward to it and surely a lot of good things are about to happen. 

Thank you Hadiza we wish you well for the months ahead and your plans and look forward to hearing from you again in 2020,