September 27, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

There are some folk who are real heroes and heroines and here in Northern Cyprus from time to time we have come across them. One such heroine is Barbara Willbye who has suffered from cancer and, although still on the road to recovery, she refuses to let this hold her back and continues to raise donations through challenges for Tulips, Help Those With Cancer Association.

Photos courtesy of Özgür Gökaşan, Highline Paragliding

So on Wednesday 25th September she did the great leap of faith from the Girne Mountain on a  tandem paraglide with Özgür Gökaşan of Highline Paragliding to land in Karaoğlanoğlu and be greeted by family and friends and Engin Dervish of BRTK who recorded an interview with Barbara for his forthcoming Vox Pop TV show.

Photos courtesy of Engin Dervish, BRTK

We asked Barbara about her experience and this is what she had to say.

“Thank you, Chris, for your support and I am not going to kid you as I am terrified of heights.  I was a total ‘woos’ and  terrified is probably the best word to describe the experience and I was so pleased to get my feet back on the ground.”

In publishing this article we would like to thank Pam Schofield, Engin Dervish and Özgür Gökaşan for use of some of their pictures to show our readers what a wonderful and exciting experience Barbara Willbye had in her quest to help others.

Photos courtesy of Pam Schofield

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