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Minister Üstel invited “Take Action Cyprus” representatives

Minister Üstel: “What sensitive young people are doing should be an example to the whole of society”

Ünal Üstel, Minister of Tourism and Environment, welcomed Elin Yurtdaş and Aydın Hocanın, who were representing Take Action Cyprus, which is composed of volunteers who have come together through the social media and will be carrying out environmental cleaning with exemplary organisations in respect of environmental issues.

The Minister stated that they have been following the activities of young people who are sensitive to environmental issues for some time and had invited the representatives in order to convey his appreciation of their sensitive behaviour.

He added that this type of organisation involving young people who are volunteers and sensitive to the environment should be an example to the whole of society and the Ministry will give them support and cooperation.

Unal Ustel, emphasized that everyone should act with such awareness because the country is a tourism island and underlined that they will give support every step of the way that will contribute to making the country clean.

Take Action Cyprus members will come together with a wider participation in the coming days, and the Minister agreed to a meeting of young people to get their views on environmental issues, as well as to discuss how they will support the forthcoming environmental activities.

On behalf of Take Action Cyprus, Elin Yurtdaş and Aydın Hocan, who came to the meeting upon the invitation of Minister Üstel, stated that they appreciated how much they had achieved with the cooperation of Minister Üstel, and the invitation would motivate them even more.

The Minister was informed about the purpose and activities of Take Action Cyprus, and they stated that with the support of the Ministry, they would be able to more effectively achieve their goals, which would contribute to a greater increase in environmental awareness in society.

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  1. We need support not just by joining these teams helping to clean up the filth everywhere but my educating everyone about throwing rubbish everywhere. It’s in everyone’s interest to clean up TRNC as the tourists find it together with the cruelty to animals unacceptable