Unforgettable memories of events, 9/11 to “Come September”

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

For all of us, every date, every month and every year, carries some memories of unforgettable events, which we recall from time to time.

For me the month of September carries two very different memories.

The 11th of September 2001, is one of the most important and unforgettable dates of the near past.  Whereas a part of the world call it  9/11 whereas others call it 11/9, however, ultimately now everyone calls it 9/11.

Yes, this date of 2001, has  led to a long chain of events, the effects of which can still be felt. On this date the aircraft hijacked by the al-Qaeda had struck the Twin Towers in New York. It was a shocking event, which not only led to death of more than 2000 innocent civilians who were in those two towers at that time, but has led to the death of innumerable civilians in more than one country of the world.

But is it the only incident where an event has led to killings of innocent civilians? The first World War that had started in August 1914 and continued over the next 4 years, had started due to the assassination of  the Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand and his wife, on 28th June 1914 by Bosnian revolutionary, Gavrilo Princip.

More than 7 million civilians were killed in the first world war, and about 40 million in the second world war. More than 2 million civilians died in the Vietnam war.  More millions of civilians were killed in other wars, before the 9/11.

In the post 9/11 era, millions more civilians lost their lives.  The number of those injured are obviously much more than the numbers of casualties.

The whole world remembers the 9/11 incident, but who remembers the millions of innocent civilians killed, just for no reason. We must not forget that millions of innocent citizens have lost their lives, just because some fanatics want to control the world. Just because some fanatics, want to control the natural resources of the world in their own hands.  For them the loss of human lives is of no value. There is no end to greed. Unfortunately, this is the way millions of innocent humans lose their lives, without even knowing why they have been killed.

While writing these lines I wonder how many think like this? Indeed those who care about human beings and their lives, are in a minority in this world, and it has been so throughout the history of the world. Achievement of goals at the expense of human lives has always been the order of the day.

It was so in the past, in the present, and I am sure will remain in the future too.

But 9/11 is not the only event that comes to my mind in September. On one side thinking about 9/11 and the following events, the month of September also takes me back to childhood, when the musical “Come September” had led me to the world of music.

I remember “Come September” was the first tune that I had remembered by heart. When I was in middle school, my friends used to frequently ask me to perform “Come September” by voice. Without any musical instrument whatever, I used to sing the whole tune.

Looking back, the first tune that I can recall from my childhood is “Come September”.

Still humming the tune of “Come September”, I feel grieved on one hand due to the 9/11 events, and happy due to “Come September”, both being associated with the month of September.

This is life, where we carry on with all types of  conflicting feelings and emotions.