Environment protection

EUL Dr Bostanci attended conference in UK regarding waste materials

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Recycling of waste is one of most important topics that researchers work on in present times. Professor Dr. Şevket Can Bostanci represented the  European University of Lefke in the  5th International Conference on Sustainable Building Materials and Technology.

This conference has been considered as  one of the most prestigious  conferences of materials engineering in civil engineering.  It was held recently at the Kingston University in England.

The conference had 170 representations from nearly 40 different countries. The  key speakers in the opening speeches of the conference stressed the changing climate conditions under the influence of global warming and said that construction materials inevitably affect global warming with the carbon dioxide produced.

According to the information released by the European University of Lefke,  on his return from the conference, Dr. Bostancı said that “In line with these, it is emphasised that the use of more environmentally friendly materials is a necessity and it is emphasised several times that it is aimed to minimize the impact on our world and on global warming”. In his presentation parallel to the conference theme, Bostancı stated that our country is one of the countries exposed to global warming and stressed that waste materials should be used as much as possible in the production of concrete instead of limited resources.”

In his presentation, Bostancı emphasized that the partial use of wood ash, which was burned and collected as local waste, instead of cement, had no negative effect on concrete performance.  Bostanci also stated that the use of wood ash as local waste in concrete production allows for more environmentally friendly concrete production and that it can be protected from untouched land by preventing it being sent to potential solid waste storage facilities.