Research on smokers/non-smokers by Cyprus Health and Social Sciences

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

According to a recently issued press release of the Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University,  a scientific study was recently carried out by the Vice Dean and students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, regarding smoking.

The question of smoking has been a burning research topic for the scholars, world over, for quite some time. The University carried out the scientific study on “Comparison of Stress Coping Attitudes of Smokers and Non-Smokers”. The details of the study, its mode of conduct, observations and findings have been published as a scientific article, and published.

The study basically deals with the social behaviour of smokers and non-smokers.  Stress is the most common problem world over. Everyone copes with it in a different way. The experts of Social Sciences and medical field, have referred to a number of differing techniques to cope with stress. However, the stress coping techniques of a smoker may differ from a non-smoker.

This was the main topic of the study carried out by Dr. Serdal Işıktaş and Psychology Department students Merve Karafistan, Dilan Ayaz and Ayşegül Sare Yılmaz.

This research on social problems and individual psychological cases of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has gained great importance within the science academy.