“ADA Card” electronic payment system is on the way in the TRNC

The “electronic payment system” project, which has been carried out by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation in parallel with the improvement of the public transport system and the associated efforts, has reached a certain stage. The name of the new system that will be used in all public transportation throughout the country will be the “ADA Card”.

With the introduction of the ADA Card system, the use of electronic payment systems instead of money will begin in all public transport vehicles. The ADA Card, which can be sold and/or refilled from many sales points, newspaper kiosks, and similar points throughout the country, will also be able to serve with the application that will work on smart phones. Thanks to this system, for which the tariff amount on the route to be used can be paid, it is aimed to prevent possible excess fees for the users and to prevent tax avoidance in this area.

Furthermore, this card, which will also be mandatory in student transportation contracts, aims to achieve serious relief and control in the student transportation sector where the discussions are on-going.

The system to be installed will stall traffic violations, route violations, whether the driver complies with the traffic rules, the system will work integrated with the road and in-car camera system and will also fill various security needed gaps.

With the establishment of the legal structure of the system and the completion of the necessary tests, it is aimed to be implemented in all regions starting from the beginning of 2020.

Source: Ministry of Public Works and Transportation