December 4, 2023

In the past, we were delighted to be able to share news of the Mağusa Kale Lions Club activities and we should give great thanks to these many caring volunteers who work so hard and with such great enthusiasm to support the local community.

Mağusa Kale Lions Club is at Arkin Palm Beach Hotel.

We are joined together with İskele Sahil Lions Club for our monthly meeting.

This month both Presidents announce their clubs joint activities and calendar plans together, which consists of a beach clean and release of baby sea turtles into the Mediterranean Sea.

Mağusa Kale Lions Club is at Gazimağusa Devlet Hastanesi.

A full functional medical bed was donated and delivered to the local government hospital.

The donation was sponsored by the Bilgehan family in memory of their late mother Asime Bilgehan.

Mağusa Kale Lions Club

Lions, sports and youth combined together in a fun “Friendly Football Match” between four Football Academies where all teams are winners!

Lions Club Trophies for each team and certificates of participation were awarded to all of the players in our 4th Annual Youths Sports Tournament.

Mağusa Kale Lions Club is at Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel.

We joined as guests for the İskele Sahil Lions Club and İskele Leo Clubs first monthly meeting to show support and look forward to joint activities together!

Mağusa Kale Lions Club

Where would we be without the help of our local and national broadcasting organisations.

Celebrating National Press Day, we visited our local news broadcaster MHA HABER and national broadcasting BRT Haber who have both supported our club every step of the way since 1997.

Mağusa Kale Lions Club

We never forget our Veterans

We made a special visit to see our Local Veterans Association on a Memorial Day.

We thanked them all for their brave service and listened to a few great stories of their achievements.

Mağusa Kale Lions Club is at Cyprus Central Hospital / Magusa Tıp Merkezi Ltd.

Many thanks and appreciation to our wonderful Surgeons and nurses at Cyprus Central Hospital / Magusa Tıp Merkezi Ltd. for sponsoring the surgery and aftercare for four children of underprivileged families.

Along with Girne Ada Lions Club we also cheered the children up with Get Well gifts of toys.

Mağusa Kale Lions Club is at Gazimağusa Polis Karakoku.

Mağusa Kale Lions Club takes into consideration the safety of our community.

We visited the Gazimağusa Police Station to introduce our new term President and committee board members.

We would like to thank Police Constable Mr Ahmet Beşerler for his full support to our club.

Mağusa Kale Lions Club is at Gazi Mağusa Kaymakamlığı.

Our new term continues with an official visit to the Gazimağusa District Governor Mr Kemal Serpal KKTC Gazimağusa Kaymakamlığı.

Here we were able to announce future projects we plan to achieve, departing with gratitude of his full support and look forward to working together to serve our community for a brighter future.

Mağusa Kale Lions Club is at Gazimağusa Belediyesi.

An official visit to the Mayor of Gazimağusa Mr Ismail Arter regained our confidence once again for the continuation of the Municipality Gazimağusa Belediyesi’s support to our Club.

Many joint activities have been accomplished together in the past, and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue working together to help in our local community.

Editors Note;

These wonderful people at Mağusa Kale Lions Club have been active on many more projects and you can read more of their activities by clicking here


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