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A-lad-in-The Balti House, a great evening’s entertainment

By Margaret Sheard ….

 At last we were able to find time to attend a performance of The Abnormals on Saturday 24th August.  This was A-lad-in-The Balti House and what a great show it was. 

The costumes and make-up were brilliant and a lot of work had gone into setting up a stage with a curtain, props and artwork.  There were around 70 people who had gone along to enjoy the show, and Mo and his staff never stopped racing around all evening with food and drinks.  Well done Mo and the lads and the Chef who must have been going dizzy in the kitchen with all that food to prepare, which I might add was delicious.

The show was excellent and kept the audience amused throughout the evening and enjoying the songs performed by the cast.  There was also a raffle at the end of the show with some nice prizes to be won.   The amount raised for the evening was 1,445TL, a brilliant result.

We have great admiration for this group of people who get together and produce shows on a voluntary basis for the benefit of Tulips (Help Those with Cancer Association), which they have been doing for the past 4 years and during this time they have raised in the region of 100,000TL for this very worthy charity.  Keep up the good work The Abnormals, you are a great team.


A-Lad-In-The Balti House,  presented by The Abnormals.  Written By Susie Ford


Aladin                                Susie Ford      

Abu                                   John Malloy      

Genie                                Martin Ford     

Myapp                               Dave Lavender     

Jalfrezi                              Martin Foster  

Diablo                               Patricia Smith      

Sultana Mustaffa Biscuit     Colin Warburton

Widow Twankey                Pat Malloy

Princess Basmalti              Annette McCloskey

Narrator                             Diane Ward  –  

Music Technician               Peter Dunne      

Artwork                              Susie Ford, Diane Ward …

Susie Says :

Big thank you to Mo, Elvis and the team at the Balti House.

Big thank you to Paul Lee, Marilyn Lee, Clarisse Cooper and Patricia Smith for helping with the raffle and collecting monies.

Thank you to CyprusScene.

Thank you to everyone who came along (70 plus people) who supported us in raising monies for Tulips the cancer charity.  We raised 1,445TL!!

Every Sunday morning The Abnormals and guest stars have been meeting for practice  (as they do for every show). Everyone worked really hard putting costumes together and doing art work.  We have a great time and lots of fun preparing.  Although not professional singers we always do our very best to sing a range of songs which also included 3 hit songs from the actual movie Aladdin! 

Tonight with everybody’s help we raised an excellent total!!  I am very proud of my Abnormals!!  Nearly 4 years on and still delivering fun packed nights! 

Look out for The Abnormals tribute to the Beatles coming in October, and also a Murder Mystery night too.  Details will be on Facebook soon.