Environment protection

Ciklos area cleaned by Girne Municipality

Girne Municipality cleaning branch teams, although it is not under their responsibility,  have cleaned the Ciklos area of the Girne-Lefkosa Highway and collected about 130 large bags of garbage, which filled a small truck.

Mayor Nidai Güngördü issued a statement on the subject for the Municipality of Girne, “In the Bosphorus Picnic Area and Girne-Lefkosa main road continuous cleaning work is being done, citizens continue to leave the garbage on the ground where the workers have cleaned and this is not acceptable”  he said.  Nidai Gungordu added, those who want to find the areas clean, after having a picnic they should to put their garbage into the garbage containers provided.  Güngördü pointed out that the awareness of the citizens towards the environment can be increased by carrying out training and awareness studies and that they had distributed pamphlets in the region previously.

Editor’s Note :

This seems to be an ongoing problem which Girne Municipality are continually having to deal with.  We have seen and reported that the Girne Municipality is cleaning this area on a regular basis due to the irresponsibility and thoughtlessness for others by some of the people using this area.  

Please take care of the environment.