Özersay: “Maybe it is time to make a change in our current paradigm”

Özersay: “Maybe it is about time that we make a change in our current paradigm”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay received Turkish Minister of Defence Hulusi Akar, Chief of General Staff, Full General Yaşar Güler as well as the Commanders of the Turkish Air, Land and Naval Forces.

Stating that the visit of Minister Akar, Chief of General Staff Full General Yaşar Güler and the Force Commanders was meaningful and made at a crucial time, Özersay said “Your existence and visit ensure peace, security and, most importantly, stability. We are of the opinion that the message should be recognised by everyone.”

Minister Akar pointed out that welfare, peace and security of the Turkish Cypriots are important to them and further remarked: “Political equality and security of the Turkish Cypriots are indispensable for us. No compromises can be made on this issue, nor can it be distorted. Stressing that the Turkish Cypriots want to see beyond, Akar stated, “We know and accept the fact that the parties would not gain anything from the processes initiated for the sake of having negotiations. This should also be taken into consideration. Turkey has no imposition regarding the solution model in Cyprus. We are not excluding any solution model either”

Indicating that they will not allow a fait accompli in Cyprus on any matter, Akar said, “We would like to clearly point out that it is impossible to put such decision and implementation into practice”.

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  1. Let us be proactive and accept that our company from the South has no desire to accommodate us with any form of equality. Let them have their President and we shall maintain ours. As the sharing of natural is already guaranteed by constitution and accepted by UN and all other authorities and the whole of Cyprus is already in the EU what is to negotiate for. Let us move on and tell everyone we are content with our lot and inform all that we except fool representation in E U and UN.