Özersay: “Conditions of federal partnership do not exist in Cyprus”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay stated that the conditions of a federal partnership do not exist in Cyprus. Within the framework of the 11th Ambassadors’ Conference, Özersay addressed the Ambassadors of Turkey from overseas countries and at the central organization.
 In his speech, Özersay gave information about the Cyprus problem and expressed that all levels of negotiation have been tried but the condition of a bi-communal and bi-zonal federation has never changed.
Stressing that either the conditions should be changed and a federal partnership will be possible or a partnership model appropriate to today’s conditions should be put on the table, Özersay underlined that today’s conditions can be changed if the international actors can show a will on the issue of changing the current conditions.
Furthermore, Özersay stressed that if the international community adopts that ‘there is no Republic of Cyprus because there is no legal government in the Republic of Cyprus’ then the conditions for a federal partnership will start to grow in Cyprus.


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  1. In my opinion and many others, the South Cyprus people are continuing to wish and work towards Enosis. I believe that they are consumed with the Megalo idea of pan Hellenism. It would be best to send them all to the Greek mainland and transfer the Turkish people from Trase or Trakya to replace them. Then they can live in peace and the reason of us can live in harmony with Nature.