TRNC Ministry appeals for cooperation to reduce traffic accidents

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation issued a statement appealing to the public to give support and cooperation to minimise traffic violations and accidents, especially those which result in death and serious injuries.  

In the statement, the Ministry said everything possible was being done for a better infrastructure to make roads safer but indicated that we as people cannot sit and do nothing just because these works are not being completed as rapidly as they should. 

The Ministry added that besides the infrastructure, they were working to reform driver education, licence and traffic fines systems and will not give up just because they were being criticised by those who wish to protect the status quo. 

“Until we improve the infrastructure and the traffic system in coordination with other state departments, what we need is total cooperation of the people”, the statement said. 

The Ministry explained cooperation as: complying with traffic rules, especially speed limits and driving by taking the condition of the roads into consideration. 

The Ministry said “We should not drive if we are under the influence of alcohol, taking medication which could adversely affect driving standards and without using seat belts.  A driver’s eyes should always be on the road.  We should police each other and not hesitate to warn other drivers and inform authorities in the event of coming across traffic violations.   

We are taking steps on road safety, licence system, speed cameras and vehicle inspection system. We are working to minimise the part the infrastructure plays in road accidents. We will continue working to correct the inadequate system but again, when lack of infrastructure meets a culture of violations on the roads, we as the people need to do something about it. Until we reach our target which is to educated drivers and an infrastructure free of problems, we need to respect and take care of each other in traffic.”

Source: Ministry of Public Works and Transportation


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  1. How do you correct Impatience , as a retired driving instructor this seems to be the main problem , maybe its in there DNA , A good start would be at school as part of there curriculm young children when taught about seat belts , distance between cars , etc will tackle there parents when in the car plus, when older they have it implanted early on. The BRS tried so hard to improve the driving and many meeting with relevant persons, to get no where . Flora Dempster ADI