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Üstel visited Gürdağ Integrated Waste Recycling Plant

Ünal Üstel, Minister of Tourism and Environment, visited the Gürdağ Integrated Waste Recycling Facility which will be added to the TRNC resources.

The facility will be recycling from the appropriate wastes by an advanced shredding method, and solid, liquid and gaseous fuel will be obtained from the wastes.  The project includes two separate pyrolysis plants for solid and liquid wastes, a hazardous waste incinerator for medical and hazardous wastes, and facilities for the treatment of construction and excavation waste.

Within the scope of the project, tyre treatment, oil derivative and contaminated wastes, vegetable and mineral waste oils, infectious wastes from medical wastes, waste drugs, waste agricultural drugs and construction-excavation wastes will be processed in the facility.

On behalf of the TRNC it will be quite a large integrated recycling and recovery of waste from the recycling plant. 

Unal Üstel, Minister of Tourism and Environment, requested the necessary technical support in order to achieve the facility as soon as possible during the inspections he made with the officials of the Environmental Protection Department.

In his statement during the visit, he emphasized that there was no facility in the country where hazardous wastes could be disposed of, so it was important to introduce this facility.

The Minister said that expired drugs, agricultural pesticides and similar hazardous wastes have been stored safely in the past years, and that hazardous wastes can now be processed directly in the facility without storage.

Explaining that Gürdağ Integrated Waste Recycling facility can be monitored by the Environmental Protection Department via an online system, Üstel stressed that the waste management will be monitored and controlled by the personnel of the department and also the gas emissions that will be released from the facility can be monitored through the online system for 24 hours.

In addition to hazardous wastes, construction and excavation wastes are not being dealt with in our country at the moment and Üstel said that these wastes will be evaluated with this facility.

Reminding that the oil which flowed into the sea in a ship accident in Kalecik some years ago was stored in barrels, Üstel said, “We now have a very modern facility that can evaluate all these wastes”.

Project staff of the Environmental Protection Agency stated that the technical team from Turkey had made a positive contribution to the project during their visit to the Gürdağ company.

Ustel added that the facility will be introduced to the press in the near future and the plant will go into operation in August.

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