Akıncı: It is time for decision

“How long can the Greek Cypriot side go on wavering in the face of our consistent position? It is time for decision”

President Mustafa Akıncı spoke within the framework of the 20th July Peace and Freedom Day celebrations at the ceremony held at Dr Fazıl Küçük Boulevard giving a message of peace and stability for the whole island and the wider region.

He underlined that they belong to a generation that has lived through war and that is the reason why they do not want future generations to go through the same experience and he asked ‘Will the Greek Cypriot Administration be able to absorb a reasonable settlement where both communities can coexist on the basis of justice, security and freedom, and share the power and wealth of the island? Or do they want to see the permanent division of the island?’

Touching upon the rising hydrocarbon tensions in the region, President Akıncı reminded that he had proposed to the Greek Cypriot leadership the setting up of a joint committee for the co-management of the Island’s natural wealth. He said ‘Our proposal aimed for the two sides to refrain from unilateral activities and to act together. Since it is accepted that these resources belong to all of us then we should exploit them together through a joint committee’. Akıncı underlined that the Greek Cypriot side had unfortunately rejected his proposal and was refraining from dialogue and cooperation by abusing its international recognition.

Akıncı added that he will be meeting with the Greek Cypriot leader soon and that he will be asking for clarification regarding the Greek Cypriot side’s position. President Akıncı concluded:  ‘The TRNC and Turkey are left with no choice under these circumstances but to carry out similar actions to reset the balance however I have requested the UN Secretary General to convene an informal five party meeting to discuss these issues. Ankara’s expectation is for such a meeting to be conducted as soon as possible.’