North Cyprus Football in FootballWeekends.co.uk magazine

By Richard Beale….

Steven Penny who is a freelance sports reporter spent a holiday in North Cyprus last September where he combined a fortnight of relaxation and researching about TRNC local football.

His findings have been recently published in the May edition of FOOTBALLWEEKENDS magazine and he has kindly given permission to CyprusScene to reproduce his article.

It’s nice to know that TRNC football, which is not recognised by FIFA, is being highlighted worldwide – politics should not interfere with Sport!

What is FOOTBALLWEEKENDS magazine all about? 

I have managed to obtain a copy of  the May edition and must admit I was very impressed with its contents, it’s a magazine that is a little different from the normal run of the mill Football offerings.

It visits various Stadiums worldwide and reports everything you want to know about visiting that particular ground – even down to the price of beer!  It’s very informative, writing about the history of the clubs that play in the various Stadiums.

The link to the magazine is: www.footballweekends.co.uk

We thank once again Steve Penny and FOOTBALLWEEKENDS magazine for their permission and supply of an edited copy of the May edition featuring the North Cyprus Football section which you may read below or