September 28, 2022

Minister of Tourism and Environment Ünal Üstel received the members of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Cypriot Association of Restaurants (Res-Bir).

Salih Kayim, President of the Union of Restaurants during his speech, wished Minister Ünal Üstel success in his new position and gave information about the problems experienced by the sector.

Expressing that they are the sector that provides the most jobs, after those in respect of the hotels, Kayım said that restaurants are important in terms of tourism.  He also said that with increasing demands in the developing and growing sectors, the problems have increased and Res-Bir were not fully authorised to control the restaurants.

Kayım said that there were some gaps in the law of the Union of Restaurants and therefore they need to make amendments to the law and asked for support from Minister Üstel.

Emphasizing that they want to work in cooperation with the Ministry, Kayım stated that Res-Bir want to contribute more to tourism.

Ünal Üstel, Minister of Tourism and Environment, in his speech at the meeting, stated that the tourism sector is a whole with all its stakeholders.

Üstel said that they want to contribute and support the improvement of the Union of Restaurants law, and that the sector needs a strong Res-Bir in terms of supervision, health and hygiene.

He added that as the Ministry they carry out studies in terms of the development of gastronomy tourism and the promotion of Turkish Cypriot culture and cuisine, the Minister said that cultural tastes are of great importance in the promotion of domestic and international tourism. We have the most delicious and affordable cuisine in the Mediterranean region, Üstel said and that these values should be maintained in order to preserve our cultural assets and these values should be instilled in our youth.

Üstel also said that they will come together with the necessary institutions and organisations to resolve the problems of the Union of Restaurants, Üstel said that he would hold a detailed meeting with Res-Bir in the coming days.

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