What needs to be done about traffic road safety, urgent mobilisation

This is a call for road safety mobilisation, total mobilisation. We are the subject, the Turkish Cypriot people. We continue to lose lives in traffic accidents and continue to destroy families.

We have shortcomings that we are working hard to resolve, and we do not wish to see this pain because they do not improve immediately or as quickly as we would like.

We are trying to raise the standards of our roads despite all kinds of impossibilities.

We are about to put forward serious reforms in driver training, driving license system and criminal system. We will not back down, despite all criticism or those who favour the continuation of the usual status quo.

We are making an effort to correct many points that fail in coordination with other institutions of the State.

The steps we will take will be implemented quickly, but the results may not appear immediately.

 At this point, what we need is urgent road safety mobilisation.

The era is not the “one who knows”, it is not the “complaining” era.

Until our shortcomings are eliminated and we reach a more modern infrastructure and system, we have to act within the awareness of our current situation. Our country is small, suitable for speed limits and taking into account the state of the roads we will go to our destination with perhaps only a 15 minute delay.

Let’s follow the speed limit rules. Let’s follow the traffic rules. If we drink alcohol, let’s not get behind the wheel. If the wheel is ours, we need to have our eyes and all our attention on the road.

Let’s be each other’s cops.

Alert the authorities about an infringement. Let’s not say “our friend is offended”, “my brother is offended”,  Now is the time for change and abiding by the laws to save lives!

Maximum attention, maximum care. We are the subject, let’s take action. It’s not too late. No thesis at this time, let’s start this mobilization first. Let’s look around… Let’s take action.  There will certainly be criticism of this action.

As the Ministry, we have taken steps to correct this defective system in every field from road safety to driving licence system, from fixed radar to traffic training, from vehicle inspection system to minimizing the infrastructure element in accidents.

However, at this point where the culture of disregard for other road users in traffic is combined with the lack of infrastructure, we need road safety mobilisation together.

Our primary mission is to respect each other and watch each other until we reach the goal of trained drivers and a safe and trouble-free infrastructure.

Source; Ministry of Public Works and Transportation