TRNC Traffic Road Safety mobilisation announced

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar, stated that public traffic road safety mobilisation has been announced.

Prime Minister Tatar stressed that producing remedies related to traffic accidents is an important responsibility which should be implemented on behalf of future generations.  He stated that this is more than a political humanitarian situation, and that the issue should be addressed with human emotions and State seriousness

The Prime Minister said that they have decided to declare social traffic road safety mobilisation and that an unprecedented, very large and comprehensive traffic safety awareness process will be launched.

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar, Minister of Public Works and Transportation Tolga Atakan and Police General Manager Süleyman Manavoğlu held an emergency meeting today on the traffic issue.  The meeting was also attended by Undersecretary Suat Yeldener, Undersecretary of Public Works and Transportation Kemal Bağzıbağlı, Traffic Police Director Hüseyin Kadir Çete, Traffic Department Director Ahmet Aydın, and Director of Highways Department Serhan Kazmacı.

In a statement after the meeting, Prime Minister Tatar said that they held an extraordinary meeting about the traffic accidents in the country today and the Ministry of Transportation and the Police Organization received information about the activities carried out by the Ministry of Transportation in their own areas of responsibility.

“Due diligence has been made, comparative numerical data has been taken up and a common consensus has been reached in order to start a decisive struggle against road traffic accidents”  Prime Minister Tatar said.

In addition to the declaration of social mobilisation, Prime Minister Tatar stated that the implementation of many new reform-related practices in the fields of education, infrastructure and supervision were also discussed in the meeting and said that some of these are education relating to road traffic safety as a subject in schools and organising information activities in campaigns.

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar also said that the recruitment of the necessary personnel to regulate the lack of personnel needed by the police will be discussed on the agenda of the Council of Ministers meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 9th July).  “In addition, we have decided to launch a very large and comprehensive traffic safety awareness process that has never been seen before. We aim to make all media elements a stakeholder of this awareness process.

Remedies for traffic accidents are not about future elections. This is a very important responsibility that we have to put forward on behalf of future generations. This is more than a political matter, and more than a political humanitarian situation. In short, it should be handled with human emotions and State seriousness.”

As the Government, we are determined to make every effort so that our young people are not taken from us and mothers and fathers do not experience pain again, Prime Minister Tatar said. This is the reason for the declaration of road safety mobilisation.

Prime Minister Tatar said, “Even if we carry out all the inspections, we have the most beautiful roads in the world and we apply the heaviest punishments of the world, what the most important factor is in traffic accidents is the human being. Therefore, we attach great importance to social road safety mobilisation. We can end this great pain only if we work together”.

Necessary appointments were made.

The Prime Minister stated that many more common decisions will be produced with all stakeholders and that he will share the process to be followed with the public.

Prime Minister Tatar pointed out that the necessary steps will be taken by completing the studies in a short time and completed his speech as follows:

“I have full confidence in my people. I believe that with social road safety mobilisation and unity, we will eliminate this problem.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again express my condolences to all of our people who have lost their lives in traffic accidents and to their mourning families.”

Source: Ministry Of Public Works and Transportation