New TRNC Vehicle Registration, Inspection, Licensing Branch Service

By Chris Elliott….

CyprusScene today received questions about SMS messages being sent to mobile phones so we contacted the TRNC Ministry of Public Works and Transportation.

They confirmed the SMS messages were being sent out and we show below an English Translation of their Ministry information posting.  

New Application from Vehicle Registration, Inspection and Licensing Branch

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation initiated a new application under the name of Kayıt Vehicle Registration Information System in order to inform vehicle owners in advance about all transactions performed at the Vehicle Registration, Inspection and Licensing Branch Authority.

Vehicle Registration and Licensing Branch sent an SMS to vehicle owners and asked them to send their name, surname, e-mail address and license plate information to 1300 by leaving a space after each information in order to register on the Vehicle Registration Information System.

Thanks to this free service, the information will be recorded and vehicle owners will be informed via SMS when the dates of various transactions are approaching.

Source: Ministry of Public Works  and Transportation