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Karmi Summer Concert with Rauf Kasimov and his students

By Heidi Trautmann …. ….

Karmi Summer Concert – 29th June 2019 – Rauf Kasimov and his students.

I think it was Confucius who said: A human being carries in him/herself all seeds but it requires a good gardener to bring the seed to full bloom. That is what I always keep thinking when I attend one of Rauf Kasimov’s student concerts. I think I have hardly missed any concert because I am fascinated to see these young people develop. Some of them I have seen on stage when they still had to be lifted up to sit on the piano stool and now they are grown up and at the beginning of their adult life.

At the last concert at the beautiful charming Karmi Church I had the pleasure to meet them again, one young woman among them after many years, she is here for a holiday from New York where she has continued to study piano, Görsev Tepe.  A lively programme wonderfully played by the seven young musicians: Görsev Tepe, Sylvana I. Huges, Irem Bilen, Onur Zaifoğlu, Ipek Zorba, Gökçen Mertoğlu and Pelin Ece Acar.

It made me smile happily to know they will take a successful road one way or another. The same seemed to be in Rauf Kasimov’s mind, as he was beaming with joy and pride. He has every reason to do so.

Thank you Rauf for reminding us of the importance of education in the arts, it not only develops our senses but sensitivity and humaneness.