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North Cyprus Wedding for Bill and Zoe

Readers Mail…
From Carol Blackwell-Gibbs ….

Two weeks ago I organised the wedding of Bill and Zoe who are from Fulham, London

The actual wedding was held at the Town Hall in Nicosia. When couples get married there, they play Cliff Richard’s CONGRATULATIONS once they are married!  My husband and I were the witnesses. There were no other guests.

On the evening of their wedding, they dined at The Kybele, Bellapais. The staff had been briefed about the special day and had laid up a romantic table for two on the Juliette balcony. The happy couple especially wish to thank manager Haluk and Ali the chef of the Kybele Restaurant.

They stayed at Ambelia Village, Bellapais during the week but on their wedding night, they chose to stay at The Palace Boutique Hotel in Kyrenia.

I had not met the happy couple before they flew out to Cyprus, but we all had so much fun, we are now close friends!

Carol Blackwell-Gibbs

Bill and Zoe had the following to say about their happy day.

My godmother has owned a property in Ambelia Village for over 30 years, which is why we chose Bellapais for our wedding.  We didn’t really know what to expect but thanks to Carol Gibbs, the wedding organiser, it went beyond our imagination of how the day would go.  Carol’s efficiency and local knowledge and connections made it an effortless, stress free happy day.  After leaving Bellapais at 9.30am we returned from Nicosia as a married couple, enjoying lunch with Carol and James at the Palace Boutique Hotel in Kyrenia.

The entire day was wonderful …the laughter with Carol and James, Cliff Richard’s recording of Congratulations concluding the ceremony, staying in the Palace Boutique Hotel and a romantic dinner in Kybele Restaurant – with special attention from the excellent staff.  On the downside we found the bureaucracy involved concerning the paper work and obtaining necessary stamps a bit stressful, but all officials involved were so friendly that it made it an acceptable part of the day.

We made very special local friends in Bellapais.  We would like to come again and happily indulge in more rose wine, laughter and banter in the convivial company of James and Carol.

We thank all who were involved … especially the Turkish Cypriot friendliness and hospitality, which compensated for the fact that we decided not to include any family or friends.

Bill and Zoe “