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TFR Midsummer Night party

Readers Mail …
From Ralph Kratzer ….

Dear members of TFR!

Our tireless Events Manager Pamela sends you the following review of our Midsummer Night party last Friday :

“TFR Midsummer Night at Turtle Beach, Akdeniz, 21st June…

76 TFR members and guests left Alsancak to head to the Caretta Restaurant at Akdeniz Beach to celebrate the traditional Midsummer Night.

We stopped at the very scenic water reservoir en-route for visiting guests to enjoy the spectacular view of this newly built asset to Northern Cyprus that now links with Turkey mainland to help with the Island’s past water shortage.

Heading on to Turtle Beach at Akdeniz we arrived in fine form ready to eat, drink and play games on the beach.

Thank you members for your continued support in helping yet another tradition be a very fun event … members were enjoying the music with some getting up for a little dance.

Prizes were presented to the winning Boules players, plus of course our visiting children who excelled at the Hoop game.

Our thanks to the coach driver Kasim and his co driver, who drove us with the usual care and consideration. Thank you also to Horst and Brad for your help with the games plus of course – keeping those rowdy members in good order!!           

Pamela Tschersich, Events Manager”
The Foreign Residents in the TRNC