June 25, 2022


We are looking for someone to join our team who is confident to work within an animal shelter environment.

Hours: 8am – 4pm alternate 5 days or 6 days a week. Work Permit will be applied for. Transport to the shelter available from the Girne area.

We are looking for someone with clean local driving licence. Able to help with DIY.

Applicant should be experienced in handling dogs and cats and in animal welfare.

For further information contact our Centre Manager Elaine 0533 8631950 or Office 0533 8694098.

Snip snip snip

Despite reducing clinic days to just 2 per week our snappy vet Derya and her assistants neutered 75 cats in May (33 females and 42 male).

Thank you everyone involved in this very important community project – your help is invaluable.

Well done Team KAR – helping to reduce the number of kittens being born here in the TRNC.

KAR Pet Travel

Alex and Sandy are regular travellers into and out of TRNC. Both dogs are from here and KAR Pet Travel helped them to relocate to the UK a couple of years ago. Since then we have been advising and helping their owners so that they can drive them from UK to TRNC and then back again. Several trips have been made and the dogs are now “seasoned travellers”. However it is not always plain “sailing” – as Mustie caught up with us…

” Hi Kim

We arrived in Cyprus this morning. Everything was fine until we got on the ferry. I waited 5 hours to get on the boat because they decided to load me last, after around 50 lorries. They then put me right next to a huge refrigerated lorry, that had a massive motor running the cooling system and was so loud that the car was shaking so you can imagine what the dogs were like. I kicked up a huge fuss with the captain and they eventually let us stay in one of the cabins!

I am not sure when we are going back yet but will probably be around 4-6 weeks.

I hope you are well and thank you for your help again”

Welcome back Alex and Sandy.

Other owners have also driven their pets into/out of TRNC – some treat the actual trip as a mini holiday and for some (especially those with numerous pets) it is more economical than their pets travelling by air.

Whichever route owners choose to drive KAR Pet Travel can help with the export paperwork and can advise on planning.

Thai Fish Cakes

8 oz Tuna flakes
8 oz mashed floury potatoes 
1 Finely chopped chilli
½ Finely chopped lemon grass
[1 lemon zest is a suitable alterative ingredient, but grate on a fine grater, not the zest side.] 
1 clove garlic – finely chopped
Inch of fresh ginger – finely chopped
Fresh coriander – Finely chopped
1 desert spoon of lime/lemon juice
8 oz Breadcrumbs
1 oz Dessicated coconut (optional)
1 Egg with equal milk
¼ pt of vegetable oil for frying 

Add tuna, chilli, lemon grass, coriander and lime juice to mashed potatoes and mix together.
Shape into rounds, teacup size if using for a main course.
Cover with flour, then in the egg, finishing off in breadcrumbs.
Chill for 30 minutes.
Add oil into frying pan, heat up, testing for temperature before adding fishcake, by dropping a few breadcrumbs into fat, when it sizzles oil is ready.
Place fishcake gently, away from you into pan and fry until golden.
These can then be kept in the fridge until required, then reheated in oven or put into a low to moderate oven to keep warm. 
Serve with Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, Soured Cream, or a Yoghurt Garlic and Cucumber Dip. 

Crumpets Story

” One day in March I was sitting on my kennel watching the world go by with my other doggy friends. A couple of humans came walking around – not unusual, but I didn’t get excited as I had been at the rescue centre for over 7 years and seen it all before. I was classed as old because I think I am around 10 years old (that what the vet says).  I was surprised the next day when I was taken out of my kennel, given a shower (not keen on water) and a bit of a haircut. Guess what I was being adopted!

I was put in their car and taken to my new home. It was a house – scary. They seemed a nice couple they spoke to me gently and gave me masses and masses of cuddles. I had a nice comfy place to sleep, which is a dog cage at the bottom of the stairs. I feel safe there and happy to go to sleep because I know nothing is going to get me or frighten me.

Some things were new to me. Television. By the way I don’t like Pointless – ‘hiya’ gets on my nerves. I’ve had to get used to seeing myself in mirrors, going for regular walks, meeting the neighbours, not just humans but the other neighbourhood dogs (nice dog next door called Lilly).

I made my new family smile when I first learnt to jump in the back of the car (I do like going out for a little jaunt in the car), the next time I wasn’t so successful as the tailgate wasn’t open so I banged my nose – hey everyone has to learn.

I have really settled in now and know that when they have to go out they will always come back. I get so excited when I hear their car come into the drive I wag my tail and race around like a 2 year old. They are always pleased to see me as well and if I have been really good I get a treat.

Anyway I’ll finish now as its time for my afternoon nap whilst man is watching cricket and wife in swimming pool.


A word from my family

We were a little unsure about having a dog but Crumpet has not let us down. She is the perfect dog for us. Calm, gentle and happy and no damage to shoes, furniture etc.. We have taken it slowly and she has settled in so well. Every day we learn a little more about each other. So if you are thinking about adopting a dog, please consider an older dog they can be just as much fun as a puppy if not more.

Looking back at KAR in the Press

To read all about it in CyprusScene.com, online weekly enewspaper and the favourite read of many in Northern Cyprus.

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