June 27, 2022

Minister of Labour and Social Security, Faiz Sucuoğlu, published a message on 1st June World Children’s Day.  Minister Sucuoğlu said in his message:

1st June World Children’s Day is an important day which aims to create common feelings among children, to consolidate the aspirations of living in peace, and to raise awareness by focusing on issues related to the life of all children such as poverty, child labour, education, abuse and attracting public attention to children’s problems.

Our priority is to ensure that our children, who are the guarantors of our future, are educated in full awareness of their rights and responsibilities by taking advantage of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

Our Ministry, acting with this awareness, aims to raise our children under physical, mental, moral, spiritual and social conditions by providing basic care services, particularly for nutrition, housing, recreation and play. Children, who are in need of physical, mental or social care, will be provided with services for the necessary treatment, education and care.

Our Social Services Department, connected to our Ministry, is working to create favourable conditions for the development of the child by eliminating the adverse conditions in which children are physically, socially, mentally and emotionally prevented; it contributes to the needy parents to provide suitable conditions for their children and protects the children under adverse conditions.

All kinds of violence and abuse of our children; ensuring that we develop in a healthy and safe way physically, socially and spiritually is an important task for all of us as a society. However, the right to education for our children is very important to protect and develop.      

On this occasion; I wish our children, who are our most precious assets, to celebrate 1st June World Children’s Day with my most sincere feelings and wish all our children a happy life.”



Source: Ministry of Labour and Social Security

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