Art and Culture

James Smile, Art Exhibition at The Grease Monkey, Catalkoy

By Margaret Sheard ….

There seems to be no end to the talents of James Butler, alias Mr Smile.  Dental Technician, Mr Smile and the Chosen, and a very accomplished landscape artist.

On Sunday 2nd June, James had an exhibition at The Grease Monkey in Catalkoy to show some of his many paintings.   We went along to view his work and to also have lunch and were delighted to find that traditional Sunday Lunch was on the menu, which was delicious and I was very impressed that there was also a vegetarian option included.  Having never been to the Grease Monkey before, it will certainly be on the list for future visits, although the owners Arzli and James McDade will discontinue Sunday Lunch at the end of June until the cooler weather arrives in September.

After lunch we went inside to look at the paintings, there were many being exhibited, mainly landscapes which is James’s preference.   He told us that he has not had any formal training but as a dental technician there is a necessity for an artistic trait which now reflects in his paintings.

Some 18 months ago, James met a friend who painted in acrylics, James mentioned that at the age of 14 he did an oil painting which his school said was very good.  So with encouragement from his friend, he decided to take up painting again and was pleased with the results so now uses YouTube as his teacher.

The exhibition was well attended and there were many nice comments about the paintings.  So continue James and produce more paintings for us to enjoy.  Above are samples of some of the paintings at the exhibition.