1181 ALO Transportation Help Line

The 1181 ALO Transportation Help Line, which was created by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, was commissioned on 28th May 2019.

Thanks to ALO Transportation line, passengers will be able to register their complaints to the call centre during working hours. The system will be active outside of working hours and the complaint messages left on the answering machine will be recorded in the database.

The 1181 ALO transportation line, which is free, has been implemented in order to provide a mechanism by which passengers can communicate their complaints, thus encouraging enterprises to determine vehicle maintenance and drivers standards to prioritise passenger safety.

Buses, minibuses, tourist buses and taxis. If the vehicle is in a situation that is dangerous for traffic safety or the driver’s speed limit, driving under the influence of alcohol, dangerous driving and awaiting the arrival of passengers likely to cause a danger to passengers as well as other traffic, bad behaviour that endangers security and passenger safety, passengers will be able to call 1181 and file a complaint.

Those who call 1181 out of office hours are kindly requested to convey their complaints or the drawbacks they see after giving their name, travel route and vehicle registration number.

Incoming complaints will be forwarded to the relevant authorities as soon as possible.

Source : Ministry of Public Works and Transportation