TRNC Football Fixtures for June 2019

By Richard Beale …….

As we go into June the temperatures are soaring, but still the local football season carries on under the hot blazing sun.

The BTM League 2 has a few weeks to go before at last the season closes for the summer. The table below shows when and where some matches are being played, close to possible expats areas.


GIRNE – Pia Belle Stadium Sat June 8  Çamlıbel v Sadrazam Kayalar. ko 5-00pm
ISKELE – Cumhuriyet Stadıum Sat June 8 1461 Iskele Trabzonspor v Karadeniz 61 ko 5-00
Wed June 12  1461 Iskele Trabzonspor v Ötüken ko 5-00pm
Sun June 16 Civisil v 1461 Iskele Trabzonspor ko 5-00pm
Sat June 22 1461 Iskele Trazonspor v Tatlısu Seracılar ko 5-00
LAPTA– Şht Şevket Kadir Stadı Tues June 21 Sadrazam Kayalar v Kalkamlı SK ko 5-00pm
TATLISU – Rauf Denktaş Stadı Sat June 8 Tatlısu Seracılar v Boğaziçi ko 5-00pm
  Sun June 16 Tatlısu Seracılar v Ötüken ko 5-00pm
YENİ ERENKÖY STADI Sat June 8 Yeni Erenköy v Yarköy ko 5-00pm
  Tues June 11 Yeni Erenköy v Ardahan ko 5-00pm
  Sun June 23 Yeni Erenköy v Ergazı ko 5-00pm

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