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Richard Chamberlain thanks Tulips for their support when he had cancer

Readers mail..
Richard Chamberlain…

In July, 2018, I was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer. The doctor said it was quite advanced and made arrangements for me to start chemotherapy treatment first at the Near East University Hospital, and afterwards at the Nicosia State Hospital.

When one is diagnosed with cancer, you are advised to be positive and stay “strong”, but it helps to have support from your friends and family and medical staff.

I have had tremendous support from my wife, Weng. my son Chris and daughter, Lynne, and the TULIPS charity leadership, Mrs Raziye Kocaismail and Louise, and most of all the doctors and nurses, especially Dr Torgay Ulas at the NEU Hospital.

For this I thank them all.

After talking to one or two people, I had learned that there was a Cancer Charity called TULIPS, which helps support people with cancer.  I made contact with them and was immediately helped organising my first chemotherapy session..

I have had 6 chemotherapy sessions and 2 PET-CT scans and TULIPS have helped me organise all of these.

Obviously, they haven’t paid for all of it, but they have made a contribution, for which I am eternally grateful.

After my last PET-CT scan, it was confirmed that the cancer had gone. You can imagine the relief that I felt.

I will always be grateful to TULIPS for their support.

Thank you to everyone who helps and supports this marvellous charity. It is a Godsend to people with cancer at their most difficult time.

Thank you TULIPS – Help Those With Cancer Association.

Richard Chamberlain