North Cyprus Trevor’s Tips for June 2019

By Trevor Hughes ….

Mobile Phone Roaming

Obstacles have been overcome for the use of mobile phones throughout the island after a secret meeting at the Presidential Palace in South Cyprus.

Mobile telephone roaming should come into service across the island by the end of June, according to a report by Greek Cypriot “Politics” Telsim and Turkcell in the north and Cyta and MTN companies in the south will be ready to provide a connection service to subscribers, within a few weeks.

Stating that technical and other obstacles on the issue of roaming were overcome and mobile phone connections were possible as of the end of June. Both the TRNC and Greek Cypriot political circles confirmed that the four companies would make a separate agreement with a telecommunication centre in Switzerland in order to implement roaming.

Having said all this, history has shown, that previous brokered agreements were scuppered by the Greek authorities at the 11th hour. Watch this space and see if it happens again and don’t hold your breath!

New Speed Cameras

You may have read recently that new high tech road traffic cameras are starting to be erected. They are programmed to take photographs of drivers jumping traffic lights when showing red, speeding vehicles and other road traffic offences..See CyprusScene article click here

Drivers need to be aware, these new cameras are able to record speeding from both directions, so speeding drivers be warned!

Revision of MOT’s

In an effort to try and reduce the number of road traffic accidents in the TRNC, the Government here, together with various departments who are responsible for road safety, are discussing ways to reduce the number of accidents/deaths on TRNC roads by improving the MOT procedure.

Vehicle inspection checks (MOT) may well be undertaken by privately run agents setting standards of high quality closely mirroring high standards set throughout Europe and other countries. See CyprusScene article click here

 International Driving Permits

If and when the UK pulls out of the EU, UK drivers will need to obtain an International Driving Permit if they have a UK driving licence, in order to drive over the border. Please note, to get the necessary permit number 1949, you must have a valid UK licence or an International Licence supported by the plastic ID card. If you still own a paper version of the licence you will only be allowed to successfully apply by making your application yourself. No other person can make the application for you, which will mean a trip to the UK.

Chemist Summer Time Opening Hours

With effect from Monday 20th May until September 2019 summertime opening hours are between 0800 and 1300hrs and from 1500 hrs through to 1900 hrs on week days and 0800 hrs to 13.30 hrs on Saturdays.

Vehicle Log Books

Charges for making an alteration to a vehicle log book: –

  1. over 10 years old 240TL
  1. over 5 years old but under 10 years old 360TL
  1. under 5 years old 602TL

Temporary Residence Charges

For those who undertake this procedure the charge is 485TL per annum.

Bayram Holidays

Bayram holidays for the month of June are from

Monday 3rd at 12 noon

Tuesday 4th June

Wednesday 5th June

Thursday 6th June

To celebrate the feast, all Banks, Government /Local Government offices, and schools will be closed for this period.

For customers of Capital Insurance both Mary and myself will be operating their normal high standard of response for breakdowns, and accidents, information and enquiries, although accident repairs cannot commence until the following Monday. Just call 0533 844 3403.


Trevor Hughes

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