Girne Municipality ready for the Ramadan Bayram holiday

In accordance with the regulations, the Girne Municipality has taken a number of measures to provide services uninterrupted during the Bayram holiday 4th to 7th June.

The first day of the festival, including the shopping centre, Kordonboyu and the hotels, garbage will be collected in the Municipality, and cleaning services will be provided in accordance with the routine program.

Before the holiday, the police (Zabita) and the Health Branch will check workplaces and restaurants in the city and also check for unauthorised sellers.

In order to provide burial services during the festival, the Municipality has made arrangements in respect of the cemeteries.

The public can call the following telephone numbers in the event of an emergency during the vacation period.

Public Works                                                0548 881 21 14

Cleaning Services                                        0533 860 59 73/0533 825 01 04

Water Works                                                 0542 882 11 18/0548 838 88 10

Sewerage Works                                          0533 870 20 17

Funeral Services                                          0533 840 52 20

Zabita (Police) Services                              0548 882 21 20/0548 888 21 18

Health Services                                            0533 870 20 14

Girne Municipality celebrates the Ramadan Feast of all our people and wishes health and peace to everyone.