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Asli Bolayir Art Exhibition at the Arucad Art Space

By Heidi Trautmann ….

Asli Bolayir – CONNECT-XION May 2019 – Art Exhibition at the Arucad Art Space on May 10, 2019

Connect…xion charts, a nomadic state of being, moving through space, time, states of mind and ways of being …. says Alev Adil, Anglophone Cypriot poet, performance artist and scholar, in her introduction to the exhibition about the art project of Asli Bolayir.

Asli Bolayir from Cyprus: After completing her secondary education in Cyprus, she left to study fine arts in Marseilles (France). She splits her time living between Barcelona and Cyprus. She holds exhibitions in Barcelona, Cyprus, Amsterdam, Italy, London and France, it says in her CV. She came to join the Academic staff of ARUCAD Fine Arts Faculty.

On her walks through Nicosia, the small lanes full of memories and stories, she recorded in sketchbooks her impressions, her thoughts, and also did a fresco on the wall of one of the houses in Samanbahce, the owner of which had come to the exhibition, an art teacher of former days.

The way we see our surroundings depends on our internal charts, how we take up, comprehend things, atmosphere, people. So she finally prepared – on the basis of her walks – charts that show the various levels of acceptance, of the process of intellectual digestion. I have been on similar walks through many places, also Nicosia, which, when you let it happen, will influence, change your internal system, your being.

Arucad Artspace brings contemporary modern and conceptual art to a public level in a wide angle of presentation. Very interesting and inspiring.