35th Government of TRNC established

The list of the new Council of Ministers was submitted by the Leader of the National Unity Party Ersin Tatar to President Akıncı yesterday (22nd May).

The new Council of Ministers is as follows:

Prime Minister –  Ersin Tatar,
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs –  Kudret Özersay,
Minister of Interior Affairs  –  Ayşegül Baybars,
Minister of Public Works and Transportation  –  Tolga Atakan,
Minister of Finance   –  Olgun Amcaoğlu,
Minister of Economy and Energy –  Hasan Taçoy,
Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources –  Dursun Oğuz,
Minister of Health   –  Ali Pilli,
Minister of National Education and Culture –  Nazım Çavuşoğlu,
Minister of Tourism and Environment –  Ünal Üstel,
Minister of Labour and Social Security –  Faiz Sucuoğlu.


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