Concert by Otilia Bruma organised by Cyprus International University

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Otilia Bruma, a famous Romanian singer, gave a concert at the Amphitheatre which was organised by Cyprus International University, as part of the “21st Spring Festival” of the University.

The theme of the Festival was “Live, Learn and Share”, and  was organised by the Student Development and Counseling Center, Cyprus International University (CIU) and sponsored by Gnctrkcll Cyprus.

Otilia recently became popular among the music enthusiasts, when her most popular song, entitled “Bilionera”, had hit the charts of the world.

She sang songs both in Turkish and English, which were thoroughly enjoyed by the spectators. She performed the duet which she had sung with Sertar Ortaç, the famous Turkish singer, She also entertained the music lovers by singing songs from her new album.

Hundreds of people attended the concert organised by CIU at the Amphitheatre.