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KAR Weekly News Roundup for 17th May 2019


Something for the weekend at KAR?

If you can spare a few hours either Saturday or Sunday (9am-1pm), visit the centre. Walk a dog, come and see what we do! Lots of puppies to cuddle and cats to fuss over.


A selection of our puppies, loving their new ‘softies’ donations. Please keep them smiling.  Thank you Veni Vici and all that donated.


Priscilla (now Betty).

Message from Barbara, who adopted our deaf cat Priscilla (now Betty).

Just to let you know Priscilla (Betty), has settled in with us and now ventures into the garden.

She never stops eating! She is a delight to have.”

We have 46 older cats at the Centre. Please think about an older cat.


We have had another update about some of our dogs who were adopted in Germany,  Lotte (the KAR dog formerly known as Gypsy) and Ajo (formerly known at KAR as Albert) live next door to each other.

“Attached you find Ajo (formerly Albert), who left the centre before the distemper breakout last spring. He is doing so good with Askan his human. They both are not only exploring the urban and countryside of Berlin by foot, but also the Alps, etc. Besides Ajo and Lotte (formerly Gypsy) are BFF. There are more great adventures to come”


13th May

This poor boy has been missing from home for 10 days now.  Male Golden Retriever.

Please call 0533 844 3941


The sun has certainly got his hat on.

If anyone is coming to walk our dogs please remember to come as early as possible to avoid the worst heat – please bring your hats, sun cream and drinking water. We are open daily from 9am to 1pm.

It’s getting hot out there so take care.


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