Eastern Mediterranean University 24th Spring Festival

The Spring Festival, which is traditionally held in May every year, creates an enthusiastic environment on campus with the participation of students studying at the Eastern Mediterranean University. The Spring Festival organized by the Vice-Rector of Social and Cultural Affairs, Student Clubs, Student Council, Student Activity Centre and all units of the University will be held on the 15th to 18th May and will bring vitality, excitement and colour to the university before the end of the term and before the final exams begin.

Students’ Clubs have the opportunity to share their preparations during the year. Scenes where different types of performing arts are exhibited are among the places where students and visitors come from. Moreover, they are the centre of attraction because different products are sold in the stands they open.

During the Spring Festival, music groups, artists, academicians, and journalists are invited to create an opportunity for students to follow different cultural and social activities. The rich content of the festival is not only a memorable moment for the students, but also gives them the opportunity to recognize different people and enable them to relax.