October 3, 2022

By Richard Beale…

Just like the thrilling conclusion to the English Premier League, the TRNC Super League finale had its moments as well.

Leaders Mağusa Türk Gücü (Carga) last week had leapfrogged over their deadliest rivals Yenicamiı when the current Champions were held at home to a 1-1 draw against Çetinkaya.

So all Mağusa Türk Gücü (MTG) had to do was win their last match away to Küçük Kaymaklı, which they duly did winning 2-0, with goals from ADIL YALÇIN ( 28) and EMBIMOBOWEI PETER ( 50).

Yenicamı won their final match 4-1 away to Türk Ocak, to finish runners up with the same number of points 74. However MTG stole the crown away from Yenicamı on goal difference by just 4 goals.

Mağusa Türk Gücü fabulous fanactical supporters salute the “Champions”

These two teams have, like Manchester City and Liverpool, dominated the Super League this season. Both are powerful, rich, ambitious and have more resources than the rest of the Super League teams.

Inevitably these two teams meet in the KIBRIS CUP FINAL to be played on May 18th at Gırne 20 Temmuz Mete Adanır Stadium kick off 7-00pm


DÜZKAYA pip Ozanköy and are promoted to the Super League.

With Göçmenköy already promoted and crowned Champions, it was left last weekend to decide who will accompany them automatically into the Super League.

It will be the Catalköy team DÜZKAYA , who just pipped Ozanköy that won the race for the second automatic promotion place.

They only needed 1 point to guaranteed promotion, but at a packed Nahıt Bağcier Stadium they took all 3 points beating Mesarya 2-1.

Mesarya who had an outside chance of making the promotion play off places themselves were no pushovers and made Düzkaya sweat.

Düzkaya team and fans celebrate and right Coach Cenker gets the treatment !

Zoltan Ibrahimovic look alike FERDI scored his side’s both goals in the 50th and 70th minute. Mesarya equalised Ferdi opening goal in the 59th minute through EMRE ÖZSİN and caused Düzkaya a few anxious moments before Ferdi’s winner.

Ozanköy played their part winning 2-0 at relegated Yeniboğaziçi and they join Akova Vudu, Hamitköy and Yalova in the League 1 promotion play offs.

All photos courtesy of – Arenasporkolik.com

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