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Kyrenia Volunteers of Goodness are forming and will make a difference

Not a week goes by without news appearing on social media about activities in Northern Cyprus to make it Temiz Kibris – A Clean Cyprus.

This movement has been long championed by Oya Kutsal who asked us to share the following news of a planned number of volunteer groups in the major towns who will work on various projects

Readers mail……

From Oya Kutsal…..

The Kyrenia Volunteers of Goodness is a civil organization organized and supported by Cyprus General Directorate of Foundations.

The aim of this organization is to emphasize the beauty of making unconditional goodness and spread goodness in the society.

The general directorate aims to have goodness offices in every city. It first started in Nicosia and they now have a house called The House of Goodness in the Arabahmet neighbourhood where many social activities are being held.

In Kyrenia Oya Kutsal is to become the leader of the Kyrenia Volunteers of Goodness volunteers and she announced that they will work on three topics.

  1. Environment/Historical Monuments
  2. Animal care.
  3. Caring for the Disabled.

They chose these 3 topics to start with and when the number of volunteers increases, the number of topics will increase as well.

Kyrenia Volunteers of Goodness had their first activity in Akdeniz village recently where they cleaned the beach where the turtles lay eggs and are looking for volunteers to join them on future events..

On 8th May they will be organising seminars for students at Anafartalar Lycee to improve love of animals and they will sell items for animals on that day

On 18 May, they will take a place at a fair by Limasollular Derneği and do charity work for the disabled and will have many more activities and projects in the future

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