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Near East University honours Hikmet Uluçam, Photography Exhibition

By Heidi Trautmann …. ….

Photography Exhibition 16 April to 5th May

Within the framework of establishing a wide and informative spectrum of the visual arts in North Cyprus, the Cyprus Modern Art Museum at the Near East University has in the course of the last months brought forward many exhibitions and has now started to honour artists, who have made an impact on the art scene and society in many ways.

Hikmet Uluçam has, since the 1980s, when he returned to the island after his university years, understood to combine art forms and nature to find in the end his own style, not only in the separate disciplines as such, graphic and design and photography but in a combined form, as we can see in his current exhibition again. Graphic elements in photography and nature. It requires an especially trained eye.

I have written about his work many times and not only is he known as an artist but also as a keen gardener and nature lover and his fans come from across the island each spring to admire Hikmet’s Wonderland when carpets of cyclamen cover every corner of his garden. Find some links here.

Now on April 16, a solo exhibition of his graphic photographic work was arranged by NEU in the Foyer of the Faculty of Dentistry which will be open to view until 05 May.

Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal Özkul (Head of the Faculty of History and Atatürk Research Centre) opened the speeches describing the vision of unifying sciences and the arts which are the base of a country’s history.  When Hikmet Uluçam came to the microphone to give his thanks he showed an old invitation around for one of his first exhibitions, issued by Dr. Suat Günsel and he mentioned that already in those days Dr. Suat Günsel was supporting the arts.

H.E. Mustafa Akıncı and his wife Meral were present at the ceremony and it was from President Akıncı’s hands that Hikmet received the award.  A black velvet cloth was lifted to uncover a bust of Hikmet and it will, I presume, be placed one day in the Hall of Honour of the new Art Museum. They both look so nicely together.

My congratulations, Hikmet Uluçam