Healthy living by Nick Vye, Sanctuary

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with articles on health, right eating, health products, diets and keep fit, etc etc.

Why is it that the numbers of many types of cancer in the world are rising, also heart disease, diabetes etc. if we are suppose to be more healthy.

Hospitals are fully booked, for doctors now you make an appointment for 10 minutes of their time, looked at on a computer screen. More and more medicine, tablets and pills are being consumed every day.

The Pharmaceutical Industry must be the richest in the world, when you see the numbers of people in the UK taking sleeping tablets, headache tablets etc. To my mind, we are not treating the individual but the symptoms only. We are not asking about the mental, emotional, spiritual state and life style of the person, only his or her physical problem.

We need to be in balance in all these areas to be healthy. Eating good nutritious food won’t make any difference if we are out of balance in those areas. We may be living longer than the generation before us but not without some sort of physical disabilities. Ok, there are other factors also, for example genetic family history and also the karmic debt we might owe.

We need to look at our general lifestyle, are we listening to our body’s signals, we expect our bodies to cope with all types of misuse. Very few of us, ever give it a break or pay attention to the signals it gives us. You take your car every year for a service or M.O.T. and that’s not even doing a quarter of what your body does 24/7 every year of your life. Come on now, give it a break. Thank it also for looking after you, give it love and gratitude now and again, like you give to a friend who helps you out. Remember also that a healthy body needs a healthy mind, a balanced emotional state and a spiritual well being.

So be good to your body, rest it when needed. Take time out to be still and reflective on your life. These practices, I can tell you, will have a transformation on your well being.

The latest worldwide research says 11 million deaths in 2017 were due to people eating poor diets, high in sugar, salt and processed meats that contributed to 1 in 5 deaths through heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

So take care, with love light and peace,

Nick Vye Sanctuary.