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How high can they build in the TRNC

Readers mail…
Roger Bara…..

I wonder whether your readers may be interested in what’s going on as far as new developments are concerned around the Iskele area in the east of the island.

I went to my first “Environmental Impact Assessment” meeting recently, following some concerns expressed at the amount of development being allowed in the very popular Longbeach area, just a couple of kilometres from Iskele.

To the astonishment of many local residents, the plans submitted at this meeting were for a 22-storey, 4,600-bed hotel, together with four further blocks of apartments, up to 30 storeys high. If approved, that would make this development by far the tallest in the whole country, by a large margin. It would appear that as long as the buildings are at least 500 metres from the shoreline, it doesn’t matter how high they go.

The Environment Department have issued a very comprehensive 110-page environmental impact document, but it only contains recommendations for the developers, it’s not binding (a bit like a Brexit referendum….)

Although there is now a temporary injunction forbidding new developments over four floors, it’s been estimated that some 500 high-rise applications were submitted before that came into force! The huge project mentioned was one of those.

However, it is good to note that another developer has had work on four local projects suspended, because they have not submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment. So it appears that the authorities are at least taking this seriously, although why these projects were allowed to start in the first place, is anybody’s guess……

Onwards and upwards, as they say…

Roger Bara
Caesar Beach