Adventure on the road with cyclist Abdulhalim Akçay. Part 9

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

Cyprus scene is following Abdulhalim Akçay, who is continuing his long cycling tour of Turkey. He plans to visit 81 provinces and 800 districts in a period of 2 years.

Hereunder is his diary for the period from 26th  to 31st March 2019.

118th day 26/03/2019

He had spent the last night in his tent by the lake.

It was a great morning , where he enjoyed breakfast with sports loving Cennet Cayda in Ula.  He then went with Cennet Ceyda on a short tour of the area, and took some photographs and also meeting local people, who showed their interest in his adventure.

He spent the whole day strolling around and taking photographs.


119th day (27/03/2019)

The most interesting feature of this area is not just the beauty of natural scenery, but the love of cycling too. Here everywhere one can find people of all ages riding bicycles.

He roamed around and met many people .

120th day (28/03/2019)

He spent the night at the area specially reserved with camps for cyclists. This area was established and managed by the Belediye municipality and the Muğla University.

He met with Fikret Ekmekci who is attached to the Muğla University, who invited him to a panel about cycling.  It was interesting to speak to the students, and to explain the benefits of cycling and how cycling can play an important role in our daily lives.

121st day (29/03/2019)

This day he reached the 97th district of Turkey. He had spent night at the house of his friend in the Akyaka area. After  breakfast he set off towards Gokova. Here he met Mr. Umit, who had been following him on facebook. He enjoyed a good time with him. They went along to tour the area.


The next stop was Marmaris. The road to Marmaris was difficult.  Weather and the natural beauty was however good to continue on.  Taking photographs on the way and at the entrance of the city made his progress slower. It was nearly dark when he entered Marmaris.  He found a suitable place by the sea to pitch his tent. He slept well as he was very tired.

122nd day (30/03/2019)

Marmaris is a beautiful place, where his first night at the side of sea was really wonderful. It was a pleasant morning. He planned to stay in Marmaris for two days.

He went to visit the famous castle and the museum there. The weather was fine and he took lots of photographs and met people. It was a rest day, and he enjoyed the whole day strolling around here and there.

123rd day (31/03/2019)

He spent most of his time meeting people. He walked a lot on the beach. It was a sunny day and there were good number of people enjoying the good weather. He met a couple of people who were following him on facebook.

He had had a nice lunch at Hacinin yeri, which is very famous. The food was cheap and was of good quality.

It was a nice day on an overall basis.