Dream Catchers and More…

By Peri Sualp…

A dream catcher is a wooden hoop, covered in a net or web of natural fibers with meaningful sacred items such as certain feathers or beads attached, hanging down from the hoop. Even though you can find a variety of different sizes and styles today, it was originally created by American Indians. Real authentic dream catchers are handmade and crafted from all natural materials; every feather and every bead represents something. There are different myths over dream catchers but my favourite is about a spider that gives his sacred web as a present to an old lady in return for saving his life. Traditionally they are hung over beds or windows as a protective charm from bad dreams and nightmares. It is believed that only the good dreams can pass through the holes of the web of a dream catcher and the bad ones are entangled through the web keeping you safe all night long. 

I find this idea super magical and I have been mesmerized with all sorts of dream catchers since my early age. You can find all types of dream catchers in different colours, sizes and shapes in my room. I love their design and art and how they have a background story behind them.

Some have rock collection, some have napkin collection etc. I have a dream catcher collection which I enjoy doing as a hobby and a way of representing how variable my dreams are for me. Personally I don’t think dream catchers are only for dreams in your mind while you are sleeping, I believe that dream catchers are aiming for any type of bad memory or anything whatsoever bad! And not only when we are only sleeping but also when we are awake too. I would like to think that the dream catchers catch anything bad around you and protect you from evil so I keep a collection of them and I have always wanted to create one of my own!

I guess my mum must have been tired of buying these collection pieces and she surprised me with a dream catcher workshop two weeks ago!  I had gone crazy with the idea of making one of my own dream catchers. I have to say that I didn’t succeed very well on my first try but I have created an interesting art of my own! But the instructor said it was pretty good for my first trial!  I’ll keep trying!

The workshop was at O-live Cafe in Lefkosa and our instructor was Alara Kizilkanat. She was not only very friendly with everybody but also very enthusiastic showing the techniques over and over with great patience and calm. Alara is actually a 22 year old interior designer who makes accessories and dream catchers as a hobby. But it seems like her hobby is going to take over her profession as she has wonderful creations. She started to sell her products in local festivals and events and she has just started her very first workshop. So it was the ‘firsts’ day for both of us. If you want to follow her just type ‘wildsouldreamcatcher’ for both facebook and instagram. 

And the O-live Cafe….. I can’t be happier to learn of the existence of such a place in North Cyprus. It is actually a boutique cafe and organic market together, which first opened its doors in July 2017 by Orcun Cananoglu. You can find most of the healthy and organic food you might be looking for – including fresh items, in that little market. They said that fresh vegetables and fruit comes on Mondays and Thursdays, so if you want ‘fresh fresh’, you better note these two days! Moreover, you can give your order online using an application called ‘coconapp’ and then go and pick up your purchase ready to go. O-live Cafe also has another interesting product to sell. They craft their own beer. Mum tasted one of the different flavors and she thinks it is one of the best beers she has ever had. You can go and taste the beers anytime but keep in mind that the cafe has ‘aperitivo  hours’ on Fridays. They also have live music from time to time and amazing workshops like Alara’s. O-live is definitely my kind of place and if you want to get more information or make a reservation for the events you can follow them on Olive Cyprus @instagram and O-live  @facebook. (Or feel free to give a call at 0392 3303003).

Thanks to my mum who is catching my dreams for me, another wish of mine has come true! 

I had been to this amazing workshop where I got to create my very own dream catcher.

And I surely enjoyed having this unique experience in such an amazing place. 

I am really glad I took part in this activity over all. 

It was an amazing day for me… 

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