Adventure on the road with cyclist Abdulhalim Akçay, Part 8

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…..

Here we have details of the ongoing adventure of Abdulhalim AKÇAY from 19th to 25th March 2019.  He is presently touring Turkey on his bicycle.

111th day (19/03/2019)

Last night was a wonderful night which he spent in his tent on the beach of Gümüşlük area. He woke up late , and set off towards Turgutreis area. The road , weather and the scenery were all lovely.  However, he did not stay long at Turgutreis and moved ahead for AKYARLAR. He spent time roaming at the BITEZ beach, where he did some photography and spoke to people.  Once again he had to get some repairs done to his bicycle.

In the evening he met  Hasan Yediyıldız, who was following him through facebook. He offered him a nights stay at his place. It was a wonderful offer which he accepted. Hasan bey was a widely travelled person and was also having a couple of friends like him. He spent a wonderful time at the residence of Mr. Hasan with his friends.

112th day (20/03/2019)

He had a wonderful time at the residence of Mr. Hasan and his friends. They offered him advice that would help him on the ongoing tour. Next morning the tour continued as the weather was fine. The next stop was the eating place of Mr. Halil, on the way to ORTAKENT YALIKAVAK. He went to the city centre to get his bicycle repaired, which was creating problem repeatedly, most probably due to he heavy load that it is carrying for a long period of time. Here Mr. Levent of Bodrum Cycling Association met all the repair costs of his bicycle.

MILAS was still 30km away when it became dark. He tried to find a suitable site to fix his tent. The petrol stations there refused to allow him to pitch his tent in their areas. However, one young worker offered him first coffee and they all offered him dinner, but did not allow staying the night there.

He continued moving ahead on his bicycle in dark. Ultimately he was allowed to fix his tent in the area of a roadside restaurant.

113th day (21/03/2019)

He started off next morning towards MILAS, which was still 20 km away.

The weather was sunny and hot. For the first time he came across a petrol station where the workers did not allow him to use their toilet. It was something very strange, in a country where tourists abound and this was a new experience for him.  The manager of the station noticed and not only allowed him to use the toilet but also offered him coffee.

He moved ahead to MILAS, but decided not to stay long there, and continued towards KARBUZLU.  The road was very bad and not suitable for cycling, but he didn’t have any choice but to keep moving ahead.

He reached KARPUZLU at about 8pm. He went to the local municipality office, who provided him a small room for his night’s stay.  It was a tiresome hard day.

114th day ( 22/03/2019)

The journey to KARPUZLU (93rd district of the tour) was very tiring, so he decided to have one rest day there. He met a number of people of different ages, who showed interest in his adventure. The young ones in particular asked him a number of questions about his activities and experiences during his tour.

He went to the historical old city, did some photography there, and spent most of the day resting in the room provided by the local municipality.

115th day (23/03/2019)

He started off late pedalling towards ÇİNE and YATAĞAN.

He went past the centre of ÇİNE and moved up to SOĞUTCUK village near AKÇAOVA, which was not too far away, but it was already dark, when he reached there. He decided to spend the night in the outer area of a local mosque. However the person in charge there refused to grant him permission to pitch his tent near the mosque. Although he explained to him that he is a tourist travelling for the last 4 months in the area, he did not give him the permission.

There was no alternative for him but to find some other place to spend the night. He moved ahead in the dark, it was almost midnight, when he found a suitable place at a further distance of about 600 meters.

116th day (24/03/2019)

Today he reached YATAĞAN, the 91st district of Turkey.  It is a lovely small place, where the people were friendly and straight. He went for a tour of the area, and met people from all walks of life. He went to the local municipality of ULA village, and got their permission to spend the night in the area. He was allowed to fix his tent in the social centre of the municipality. The centre was closed for the season, and would reopen during the summer.

He met some young boys riding their trail motorcycles and a number of other people.  It was a wonderful day.

117th day (25/03/2019)

A day earlier his power bank was broken. However, a friendly sportsman of the area gifted him a power bank. It was a wonderful gift. He spent most part of the day there, and started off late for MUĞLA. Serkan Taşdelen, a well known cyclist of the area met him there. He had already come in contact with him on the internet. He spent a good time with him.

He also toured the Muğla University area which was on the outskirts of Muğla. On his way he found a young female student of the university whose bicycle had broken down. She was a student of the university which had provided her with the bicycle. Interestingly her bicycle had broken down the very first day. He managed to put the bicycle back in order.

On his way up the hill he met a number of university students, who showed their interest in him. He spent a good time talking with the students.

He kept on moving ahead, when he met Mr. Muammer, who helped him in finding a place to pitch his camp for a night’s stay.