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“Turkey Printmaking Artists Exhibition” receiving interest

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Mr. Fikri Ataoğlu, the Minister of Tourism and Environment, recently inaugurated the “Turkey Printmaking Artists Exhibition” consisting of 60 artworks specifically created for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts.

The exhibition carries the works of 7 print-making artist members from the  Young Generation Artists of Turkey.

In the inauguration ceremony,the Vice Rector of Near East University,Professor Dr. Fahrettin Sadıkoğlu, said  that they have the honour of opening the exhibition of artworks created by the young printmaking artists of Turkey aging between 25-30 years of age and that have a promising future as their names will now be advertised to the world through this exhibition as their works will be presented to the rest of the world.

He further said that  a foundation has been established in the field of culture and art as a result of the project of the Cyprus Museum of Modern Art. He mentioned that hundreds of artists from around the world came to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and opened exhibitions, and emphasized that the museum now has a huge collection including over six thousand artworks consisting of oil paintings, watercolours, kuvarj, print paintings, photos, prepared in different techniques.

The exhibition, consisting of metal engraving, serigraphy and high printing techniques, will remain  open between 9am – 12.00noon until 9 April 2019.