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The Prisoner of Second Avenue, A great play from GIBETSU

Girne Municipality Theater Studio (GIBETSU), staged for the first time the theatre play The Prisoner of Second Avenue by Neil Simon which was directed by Nermin Ugur. The play organised by Çatalköy Municipality, was held for the 1st International Theatre Festival on 21 and 22 March 2019 at the Çatalköy Municipality Erol Avgören Cultural Center.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that he believes art for all humanity is the most important way to lead to world peace. Nidai Güngördü thanked GIBETSU for the ”The Prisoner of Second Avenue”  which is one of the most important theatre plays of the world.

Girne Municipality Artistic Director Derman Atik, said they had spent 2 months trying to stage the play The Prisoner of Second Avenue, indicating, the way of life and change and the tragic language which is a funny language.  Derman Atik also said although there are no copyright laws in the TRNC, Onkar Agency in Turkey had indicated royalties would need to be paid.

It is intended to stage plays for the new season with Örik’s To be a Star and a work by Tennessee Williams.

Who was in the play?

Directed by Nermin Ugur. Performers in the play were Cenk Gurcag, Ilyur Varoglu Atik, Mehmet Soyluoglu, Ayleta Futsi, Serife Eminaga, Aysen Rahvancioglu, Sevil Birben Sargin, Derman Atik, Perihan Hulusioglu, Dilek Seçkin and Fethi Ercan,  while Fatma Tüney and Perihan Hulusioğlu also took on the role of co-directors. Other contributors to the play are as follows; Light Design and Light Application – Mehmet Saygıer, Decor Design – Derman Atik, Decor Application – Levent Korol, Celal Onat, Music and Music Effect Application – Evren Mercimekçi.