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Zekai Yeşiladalı art exhibition at the Merit Royal Hotel

On Thursday 14th March Chris Elliott and Ece Sualp on behalf of went to the Merit Royal Hotel to attend a reception and opening of their 2nd Art Exhibition by artist Zekai Yeşiladalı.

This was a very impressive evening with TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı arriving with First Lady Meral Akinci, together with military officers and other notable people.

Merit International was sponsoring Alsancak Municipality in order to help raise funds to construct a playground and playing field at Büyükler Elementary School.

The paintings and sculptures by Zekai Yeşiladalı were excellent and most impressive and attracted the attention of so many people.

Zekai Yeşiladalı who was born in 1947 in Limassol, Cyprus, completed his education in Limassol and then attended Istanbul Kabataş High School for Boys.

After he graduated from Istanbul University of Dentistry he continued to work in Istanbul before returning with his practice in 1974 to Cyprus and continued with his love and interest in art.

His works reflect the characteristics of Cyprus nature and its people and he also enriched his works by sculpting ceramic statues.

In 1980 in order to improve his art, he attended the London Royal College of art for a period of one year.

Zekai Yeşiladalı has had three personal exhibitions and also taken part in group exhibitions.